Non-Communal Dining

Conquering Non-Communal Dining

Live Video Presentation

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 18 |  10:00AM OR 2:30PM

Over the March 14-15 weekend, CMS released new guidelines cancelling non-communal dining to facilitate social distancing among seniors. We understand these guidelines create challenges for our customers as well as those you serve.

Join us for an hour as we share ideas and solutions to help you through these unprecedented times.

This session will be live. Ask your questions as we discuss:

  • Supply Chain Update
  • Room Service: Dining Shifts/Alternatives to Disposables
  • Customer Service: A Cadence of Transparency, Maintaining Positive Attitudes &
    Activity Over Anxiety
  • 5 Day Menu/Hospitality Carts
  • Food Safety Best Practices

A recording of this program will be made available for ongoing training needs.

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