Staffing Toolkit

Martin Bros. Staffing Toolkit

Staff shortages. High turnover. Problems recruiting. If these things are keeping you up at night, you are not alone. Staffing issues are found across the nation and in every industry. Right now, 51% of your employees are considering or looking for a new job. These factors and more make it very relevant that we need solutions and we need them now.

Solutions to many of these issues need to be easy to train your management team on and easy to implement. You also need to be able to assess your current practices, and figure out where you are going wrong or what needs improvement.

This toolkit was created with all of those things in mind. Giving you resources for five specific topics to help you pinpoint your biggest struggle, and implement a new practice that can help you immediately. The issues you can find information and resources on include: Aging workforce/generational differences, recruiting, retention, staff shortages, and turnover. Decide your biggest challenge and work with your team to execute new resources that will help you get results. Complete the information below and gain access to multiple resources to get your team inspired.

NOTE - This download is a preview of the full Staffing Toolkit available to Martin Bros. customers. To download the complete kit, visit the Downloads & Links page on our customer website.


The time you invest in self-development not only increases the trajectory of your success, but the success of those you lead as well. Listen as we share ways to help you and your business succeed in our new podcast “Be Mpowered”.

Onboarding is key to improving employee retention. Find out why it is important to properly onboard new employees at your organization.

Communication is critical when managing multiple generations within the workplace. Use this guide as a reference for effectively communicating with employees.

Gain instant credit in the minds of employees, plus see measurable cost reduction from better recruitment, retention and engagement. PayActiv offers financial relief between paychecks, a service needed by two-thirds of the workforce.

Stay away from Human Resources’ “hot points” and ensure you are asking the right questions, legally, when making your next hire.

Recruit and retain the right employees with these helpful interview tips, a sample interview guide and template.

What is the difference between behavioral and situational interviewing? Implement these helpful tactics and techniques to learn more about candidates during the interview process.

Learn the “How-To’s” on handling a toxic work environment and its employees.

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