Workplace Transformation

At Martin Bros., we work with our customers to help them find real solutions to the challenges they face.

What is a challenge that you are currently facing?

Staffing is by far what we are hearing and seeing as the #1 thing that’s keeping our customers up at night. 

So, in 2022, we are offering a year-long program called Workforce Transformation to help our customers through the current staffing crisis. It will focus on everything from getting through staffing shortages to enhancing your employee environment. We will be taking insights from our expert customers who have innovated during these challenging times and seen success…as well as insight from our internal team who work alongside you.

This program is going to dive deep into a different topic every month, offering you:

  • A recorded discussion with an expert from the field
  • A podcast correlating to the topic
  • A live chat session to answer any questions
  • Resources to help you implement solutions

We value your time and are honored that you would consider spending some of it with us as we help navigate through the ever-changing challenge of staffing for senior living. Thank you for all you continue to do to serve our seniors!

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July Workforce Transformation topic:

Hosting Meaningful Conversations

In today’s working environment, effective communication can get lost in the chaos. As a leader, whether to inspire action or change behavior, it is imperative we be intentional in hosting meaningful conversations. Join us as Dining Director & Dietitian Jessica Weisbrich RDN, LD, CDM, CFPP with Oak Hills Living in New Ulm, MN shares her perspectives in making the most of these coaching opportunities whether it be through daily huddles, formal evaluations, or those times when corrective action is needed. Her insights, demeanor, and heart will energize you and offer encouragement.

Tools: Facilitating Conversation
  • Staffing Coaching Cards - Facilitate effective coaching skills and techniques with help from these customizable Coaching Cards.
  • Generational Differences Chart - Communication is critical when managing multiple generations within the workplace. Use this guide as a reference for effectively communicating with employees.

June Workforce Transformation topic:

Recruiting & Interviewing for Success!

This month we talk with Todd Hollander, Director of Dining and Event Services, about how he turns over every rock in order to find new recruits for the hospitality business. He uses his passion and knowledge of the industry to help him try more than one avenue for future team members. Not only does he share his knowledge, he also shares his most helpful interview questions! You will leave with ideas and questions to help your own recruiting efforts.

Tools: Interviewing & Onboarding
  • Staffing Toolkit - Includes an interview white paper, interview "do's and dont's", a template for the STAR interview concept, and much more!

May Workforce Transformation topic:

Envisioning an Ideal Team

This month we had a quite the group join us! We had the privilege of recording with Oaknoll Retirement's Administrator (Kim Bergen-Jackson), Director of Nursing (Sara Ruhlmann), Director of Dining Services (Bruce Titus) and Assistant Director of Dining Services (Taylor Wheeler) to discuss a very important piece to combat staffing struggles: an ideal team! Learn about ways these managers work together, support and respect each other, and most importantly, have fun together!

Be Mpowered Podcast episode: Maintaining a Company's Core Culture During Challenging Times

Change is inevitable, especially when challenges are all around us. How can a company change HOW it does business, without changing WHO the business is? What role do our managers play in this important task and how can we make sure our teams understand the WHY behind change? Join us as our VP of National Accounts and Healthcare, Joe O'Brien, answers these important questions utilizing his experience of 35+ years with Martin Bros.

Tools: Enhancing Teamwork

April Workforce Transformation topic:

Finding Strength vs. Avoiding Burnout

It's hard being a leader with all the challenges you're trying to juggle. One thing you need to do is find strength during these times. You need to make sure you are taking care of yourself. Our expert, April Hansman, Food Service Manager with ChildServe, shares how organization, technology, and other tricks help her find more meaningful minutes in the day.

Be Mpowered Podcast episode: Leveraging Technology to Help Balance Your Life as a Leader

No matter what industry you are in, you are most likely going through staffing challenges. Not enough staff, turnover, and burn out are just a few of the issues managers are dealing with on a daily basis. If we can't find more people, what else can we do? Martin Bros.' Solutions team, Rob Fiori and Chris Smith, will share how technology can help deal with staffing shortages, how it can help the manager's role, and even how to analyze technology investments. Technology can be new and require change, but it can definitely be worth the time and money invested.

Tool: Self-Care for Leaders
  • “Maintaining ME” Quiz - As a leader, we need to make sure we are taking care of ourselves to allow us the ability to lead others. This quiz will help identify what type of self-care works best for you, along with ideas on activities that will meet your self-care style.

March Workforce Transformation topic:

Creating Efficiencies to Ensure Success

This month we had the opportunity to discuss efficiencies in the kitchen with BOTH Chef Steve Tiezzi and Chef Scott Fadden. Chef Tiezzi joined us from a kitchen that allowed him to demonstrate some of the tips he and Chef Scott shared. We also toured the kitchen, learning about equipment that can help us and our team’s be more efficient and not only save time, but also ensure your final product is delicious!

Be Mpowered Podcast episode: A Manager’s Role in Setting Up Systems

Martin Bros. Corporate Chef Steve Tiezzi joins us to discuss what he is seeing in the market as far as workforce challenges, as well as workforce solutions! He'll share ideas and his own experiences to help you learn ways to become an efficient, successful manager.

Tools: Creating Efficiencies in the Kitchen
  • Time-Waster Checklist - It's more important than ever to maximize your productivity, but in order to do so, you need to know where to start. This resource provides a list of kitchen and dining tasks, helping you analyze areas you need to focus on to create efficiencies, giving you more time in your day!
  • Chef's Go-To Equipment List - Chef Tiezzi and Chef Fadden have identified their top equipment to help you increase efficiencies in the kitchen. It doesn't matter how much or how little you have in your budget, there are items on this list to help you save time and labor.

February Workforce Transformation topic:

Setting Up Systems to Ensure Success

This month we will focus on ensuring systems are set up for success and how the menu drives everything!

Ashley Hintz, Executive Director of Nutrition and Esther Hagen, VP of Culinary Services join us to share how they are working as a team to make the best out of the situation during these challenging times. They will explain the realistic approach they have taken to deal with staffing shortages, specifically how they have manipulated the menu to come up with processes that work. You will learn of their out of the box ideas to help keep your residents happy, yet keep them nourished. As well, as how a team approach is needed to make new systems work.

Be Mpowered Podcast episode: A Team's Role in Setting Up Systems

In order to be successful through challenging times, it is important to have systems in place so you are prepared for anything. A lot is involved in setting up systems, but one thing is mandatory: A TEAM! Kathleen Niedert, System Quality Assurance Officer for Western Home Communities and Martin Bros.' own Mary Sell, Menu Services Manager, will discuss how to set up systems, WHY you need to set up systems, and most importantly, how to include the whole team in the process.

Tools: Preparing for a Crisis
  • Crisis Consideration - Use this planning tool as a resource to help you prepare for different scenarios that could cause staffing shortages.
  • Crisis Checklist - This list of tasks will help your team be able to serve your residents when your dining team may be dealing with shortages. Included are videos or posters to help train someone on accomplishing each task.

January Workforce Transformation topic:

Shifting Your Mindset

Our first deep dive topic for our program will focus on SHIFTING YOUR MINDSET. Change is inevitable, and many times the sooner you can adapt the better off you will be. But change is HARD and the senior living industry has gone through plenty of it over the last two years.

Join us as we find inspiration from Kris Gilman, Culinary Director, CDM of Luther Park Community, Des Moines. With her 40 years of experience, she is realistic about what you can achieve, yet she continues to go back to the “drawing board” (literally) to find solutions to enhance the employee environment. Learn about changes she has implemented that have worked and gotten her through these challenging times.

Be Mpowered Podcast episode: Shifting Your Mindset

Staffing shortages are a nation-wide crisis. Senior Living is not alone in the never-ending struggle to not only recruit, but also retain good employees. In this month’s podcast, Nathan Garbes, Director of Warehousing at Martin Bros., and Ethan Dewall, VP of Operations at Martin Bros., will be discussing how they have been shifting their mindset and accepting the change needed for the workforce in today’s world.

White Paper: How to Pivot and Shift Your Mindset

“Pivot” seems to be a universal term that's used in disguise to get people to do one thing we can find scary: change. But for many of us, it isn’t pivoting, it's completely changing our mindset, which can be very hard to do. How can we help shift our mindset?

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